Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bared to You...Adults only please

Please only continue reading if you are over 18!

Bared to You  by Sylvia Day is an erotic and strenuous read.  The searingly carnal encounters between two people who are emotionally stunted sweep the reader along on a roller-coaster ride of angst and satiation.  Gideon Cross is used to having everything go his way but can't quite figure out what to make of the seductive yet insecure Eva Tramell.  There are sometimes creepy manipulations perpetrated that reflect Gideon's determination to 'win' and Eva can't quite grasp her sense of self-worth and overcome past traumas but somehow they find a way to complement each other...sometimes.  There's no true resolution by the end of this book but given the emotional upheavals that mark this story, the reader needs a break before continuing with their story.  My Amazon review (under ELF2060) is at this link.  A 'yes this was helpful' vote is always appreciated.


  1. Oh my, that definitely sounds like my type of book.

  2. It is an incredible read...I was compelled to hurry and finish it but then had to stop and take a deep breath at the end! Now I am impatient to see the sequel, lol.