Monday, April 2, 2012

One Hot Cowboy Wedding

One Hot Cowboy Wedding
by Carolyn Brown is part of her 'Saddles and Spurs' series and is a delightful romance that follows a hunky cowboy and his best friend.  Ace Riley inherited his grandfather's ranch and has worked hard to build it into a successful enterprise but is blindsided when he discovers that his grandfather's bequest has a catch--he has to be married within two years and it has to last at least a year!  His best friend Jasmine King owns and runs the local diner, Chicken Fried, and is used to sharing in his ups and downs while she watches him date a wide variety of women.  Her heart was bruised by the jerk that she was involved with for five years and she has been leery of dating ever since.  She volunteers to help Ace get around the requirements but they start wondering about their relationship after their quickie secret Vegas wedding.  A series of hilarious events result in the explosion of wedding plans in their respective families as Jasmine's mother tries to realize her dream of giving her daughter a fairy-tale wedding.   Ace and Jasmine gradually realize that they are going to have to decide whether they're going to act on the heat that they feel for each other even as they learn to cope with all of the demands of their respective families.  The question remains...can Jasmine get past the barbed wire tattooed on Ace's arm to capture his heart and does she want to risk her own?

An enjoyable light read filled with entertaining drawled comments and colloquialisms along with a glimpse into the hardworking lives of a rancher and a woman who owns and operates a cafe.  The hunky males who occupy this corner of Texas and the women who have corralled their hearts combine plenty of sass and spice in this sweet Western romance.

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