Thursday, April 5, 2012

Adults only please

Please only continue reading if you are over 18!  

A few of the shorter erotica titles recently read include:

Crystal Jordan's Prowl the Night which is comprised of two novellas about jaguar shifters in San Francisco.  A nice blend of paranormal elements and family dynamics with conflicts that can be found in any relationship plus the added complication of political maneuvering.  My Amazon review is under ELF2060 at this link.

Lauren Dane's Beneath the Skin which is a novella that is part of her 'De La Vega Cats' series which feature a different set of jaguars based in Boston. (yes, somehow I was on a roll with big cats!)  My Amazon review is at this link.

and two novellas in R.G. Alexander's 'Children of the Goddess' series; Regina in the Sun and Lux in Shadow.  Both are excellent novellas that feature two sexy vampires in the Sariel clan as well as werewolves and other related beings.  (there are at least two more novellas in the series but I will have to finish a few other titles before I get back to them).  My Amazon review for at this link while the review for Lux is here.

All four of these novellas were very spicy yet had an intriguing story to follow as well.  It was nice to read about feline shifters for a change and there is an intriguing thread tying the Children of the Goddess novellas together as the uneasy alliance between different classes of vampires and werewolf packs gets tested.  All three authors have created intriguing characters who function within their hierarchies yet have to face the conflict between what is traditional and what their hearts tell them.


  1. Hi Elf!

    Sorry to drop in unannounced, but did you know you'd won one of the copies of IN THE FLESH from my Smutketeers post?

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  2. How exciting! Thanks so much!