Friday, April 6, 2012

Sorry, freebies offer expired...but there's hope for the future also...Shiloh Walker and Dark Thoughts blog

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate the day.  I regret that my source of pineapple jellybeans dried up since they stopped having that flavor as one of the five in the package!  It was a source of sadness when I discovered that last year.  Those of you who gave up something for Lent--don't overdose when you resume partaking of whatever it is (0:

Update:  April 11, 2012
Sorry, the freebies I originally posted about are no longer available BUT there are going to be free books for children on Kindle on April 19  (Thank you author Stacey Juba for the notice).  Please look at this link if you are interested.

In case you were wondering, I have become part of Shiloh Walker's street team.  It is interesting to discover more details about an author whose books I enjoy immensely, most recently those which were part of her Ash TrilogyIf You Hear Her, If You See Her, and If You Know Her.  One of the things that I have learned from being part of the team from its inception is how hard authors work to publicize their works...and she is definitely a prolific author.  Hunter's Rise was just released and is part of a series but unfortunately the publisher did not like the sales from the last book and has not asked for another which translates into a story that we are not going to see (yet...she says hopefully).  I have been privileged to receive a copy of the newest Grimm title, Grimm Tidings and will post a review on April 15.  I followed Ms Walker to one of her guest blogs and was intrigued by her list of 'Memorable Heroes'...stop by the Romance Reader at Heart blog at this link and see how her list compares to yours.

I am tickled to have won two titles this week!  One to celebrate Elisabeth Naughton's release of Enraptured (thank you Cheryl Brooks!) and one from Portia da Costa to celebrate her release of In the Flesh).  Thank you ladies!

And last but not least...Mary with her Dark Thoughts blog always has the most interesting pictures on her blog but today she is sharing freebies and money-making internet sites at this link.  Thanks Mary!


  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me on your blog. That is so nice of you. I hope that post helps a few out.

    I love Shiloh's books, I've read a few and loved all of them.

  2. Happy to share your blog with anybody who hasn't seen it, you always provide fascinating (although sometimes disturbing, lol) posts!

  3. LOL @ the disturbing. :P
    I try..I try..:)