Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dead on the Delta and Black Magic and, uh-oh, a new game!

Don't forget, Pocket After Dark provides a couple of e-books in their entirety on their site.  At this moment it is Dead on the Delta by Stacey Jay and Black Magic by Cherry Adair.  I admit that I am torn because I have so many books waiting and I don't really like being tied to my computer screen for so long....but even if you don't want to read the entire book there are also excerpts available for several genres, including Laura Griffin's Twisted, Julia London's The Seduction of Lady X, Delilah S. Dawson's Wicked As They Come, Stacey Jay's Blood on the Bayou, Meredith Duran's At Your Pleasure and Cherry Adair's Afterglow.  Visit at this link.

I have gotten a bit tired of my zoo because the creators have gotten a bit out of hand with their creations...yes, it is nice to be able to stock dinosaurs but now there are extinct and imaginary creatures as well as hybrids and the darn thing takes forever to load and then crashes frequently.  I had temporarily discontinued most of my word games and recently saw the ad for a hidden object game called "Gardens of Time" which is evidently popular on Facebook (which I still haven't joined...more on that another day).  I love hidden object games but do tend to get frustrated easily and then there's the whole bifocal thing...whether to peer nearsightedly at the screen without my glasses or not.  It is fun so far, although I have a few too many Egyptian artifacts in my garden already...I may have to reorganize one of these days...

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