Monday, September 17, 2012

Adult titles

Please continue reading only if you are an adult.

The following are a few of the spicier tales that I have had the pleasure of reading the past few weeks.

Boots and Leather  
by Myla Jackson is a continuation of her 'Ugly Stick Saloon' series and features a sensual set of twins.  My Amazon review is at this link.

by Delilah Devlin is part of her 'Delta Heat' series and features a hot group of police officers who not only work together but engage in very sensual 'play' together as well.  My Amazon review is at this link.

Dragon's Desire   by Delilah Devlin is a great short story that reworks the dragon and sacrificial virgin story and throws in the requisite knight for an entertaining triad!  My Amazon review is at this link.

Warrior's Apprentice 
by Alysha Ellis is an erotic science fiction novella featuring two soldiers who travel to the human world and use seduction as part of their arsenal to protect their people from enemies.  Review to follow in a few days.

Wrestle Me  
by Mysty McPartland is a contemporary erotic read featuring a normally intrepid journalist who is out of her comfort zone when she fills in for a colleague and interviews a sensual and famous wrestler.  Review to follow in a few days.

These titles were either provided to me in exchange for an honest review, were won in a contest, or were provided to me for proofreading and I enjoyed so much that I asked to do a review. 


  1. I enjoyed them all. The only drawback is that they are all short and e-books rather than print.