Saturday, September 15, 2012

Stolen and a suggestion for volunteer service

by Shiloh Walker is a romantic suspense novel that introduces yet another of the author's tortured heroines but has the twist that she has already broken up with the man who wants to be her hero.  It was a bit disconcerting to follow the heroine's path as she discovers that she is and has been under attack when all she wanted was to be left alone to write and remain unmolested by the person who wreaked such havoc in her life and left her with scars on her mind and body.  The tension continues to rise as the attacks intensify and the struggle to overcome the insecurities induced by a horrific childhood is a handicap as current events resurrect nightmarish memories.  This was a somewhat difficult read for me as the author has done her usual fine job of creating a vivid and intense story that feeds my own paranoia and desire for privacy even as it shows the danger of being a semi-hermit and communicating primarily through the internet and telephone!  It will be released just before Halloween...which will be perfect timing as it is a chilling read that is leavened by the sensual and complicated romance that gradually unfolds.

Speaking of communicating solely through the internet--there are some benefits as well!  I am delighted to say that one of my adopted soldiers has come home safely although I hold the others who are still serving in my thoughts and pray for their safety.  He tells me that he really appreciated the e-mails that he received as it helped remind him what they are fighting for when they are so far away from home.   He was so very appreciative of the small gifts that I was able to send him to remind him that he was being thought of and I am delighted that he will be back with his family soon.

Those of you who are able might consider adopting an e-pal or becoming part of a letter writing team through the Soldier's Angels (link) or, if you are able to send occasional packages, you can also sign up at Soldier's Angels or at (link) or consider supporting the Wounded Warrior Project (link).  I mention this now because one of my soldiers has requested holiday decorations to help with morale and I know that some of us do handcrafts for the holiday season and will need enough lead time to get projects done.  I will be happy to answer what questions I can if needed and encourage those of you with time on your hands to give back in this small way.


  1. A soldier pen pal is a great idea. Glad to hear the good news about yours.

  2. Naturally, I like the e-pal the best because I can send messages regularly and he picked them up whenever he had internet access so that was quicker response but I have a few that I started out sending snail mail to and eventually started corresponding with online They are so appreciative of the interaction and if you just stick to the letter writing, it doesn't take too large an investment. One of the most intriguing requests I received from this particular soldier (besides updates on the Miami Heat scores, lol) was for drum brushes...which of course, I had never heard it's always a learning experience for me too!