Sunday, September 2, 2012

Contests, giveaways and free reads 9/2/12 (updated 9/3)

Happy Labor Day to those of us who celebrate it!

Lisa Renee Jones is having a contest to celebrate the release of her adult title If I Were You.  Follow this link and make sure you pay attention to the various contests, some require a purchase and some do not.

 Romance at Random is having a Labor Day Blog Hop at this link.  There are quite a few blogs participating including the SOS Aloha blog!

Night Owl Reviews has started its Full Moon Scavenger Hunt at this link.  (and don't forget to visit the two blogs for the various author giveaways as well as the contest page).

Zumaya Publications is having a scavenger hunt at this link.

There is a wonderful iPad giveaway celebrating the upcoming release of Trish McCallan's Forged in Fire (which I have been informed has been revised for those of you who think they have read it before) and Norah Wilson's Every Breath She Takes at this link


For younger readers:

The first Artemis Fowl book is free on Amazon today.  (click on the cover below)  I love this kid's series that is full of cute puns and stars a delightful twelve year old criminal mastermind.  (although it took me a little time to get the phrase "LEP recon"!)

The most recent in the series was released in July.  Sigh, another title on the TBR tower!


today (9/3/12) Coffee Time Romance is featuring YA (young adult books) on their blog today...with giveaways and prizes!

Special Labor Day YA Book Brew!

(I got lost when I clicked the above link but to see the various authors' postings, please go to this link and click on the various titles)

also don't forget the free reads Gwen Cready's Novel Seduction and Jane Feather's Rushed to the Altar (which are for a limited time) at Pocket After Dark at this link.

There's always a group of monthly contests at Fresh Fiction and Writerspace as well!  Good luck and enjoy the travels!


  1. I enter quite a lot of giveaways each month and win quite often but I've given up on Fresh Fiction and Writerspace because I never won anything. I think there are too many others entering on those two sites for the odds to be good on winning. lol

  2. Yes, I agree, I have had much better luck on some of the blogs but you never know. I once won a trip and tickets to a NASCAR event in another state through some grocery store entry. I have no idea what it was that I really was trying to win, I suspect there must have been a television as a consolation prize that I wanted...but I must admit that it was a once in a lifetime experience (and I got about 8 books read during the trip, lol).

  3. Elf, thank you so much for spotlighting our contest, and for letting your readers know that the new edition of Forged in Fire is a revised edition. The shout out is really appreciated. That's interesting to hear about Fresh Ficion and Writers Space. I'll keep this in mind if/when I start doing book giveaways.

  4. Thanks for visiting! Both of your titles sound like great reads, I wish you and Norah great success with the releases.