Thursday, August 30, 2012

Courting Carolina and a quirky video

Courting Carolina  
by Janet Chapman is part of her 'Spellbound Falls Romance' series.  I love this series although I confess that I haven't had time to read all of the prequels but I certainly want to one of these days.  (Of course, it would help if I cut down on the number of projects I have going on, not to mention the proofreading jobs that are slowly trickling in).  I love the mixture of magic and realism in this series.  The author addresses common concerns such as childcare, ecology, family interference but does so using fantastical characters who carry on conversations with sea denizens, mountains, and the earth herself.  The dichotomy between beings who are capable of actually moving mountains or traveling through time and their fumblings when faced with the prospect of meeting their true love or courting recalcitrant mates or even doing such pragmatic things as camping in the wilderness gives depth to these delightful tales.  There are fun and quirky elements, including a fascinating creature named Kitalanta who has more than one form and wonderful cameos by beings who were introduced in previous books.  Don't pick up the book unless you have a block of time set aside because once you fall under its spell, you won't want to put it down you have finished it.

My Amazon review for Courting Carolina is at this link.  As always, a 'yes, this was helpful vote' is appreciated.

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 Midnight Bay series:

Also....I'm not usually a video watcher but I enjoyed this one....

I can't tell if anybody has actually looked at the post about the squid skin that changes color according to the music that is being played...but it is really fascinating...almost like a screen saver.  For those who are grossed out at the idea of it being a squid, it is just a microscopic section of skin--no tentacles in sight!   My blogpost that contains the links is here.


  1. I haven't read anything by this author, thanks for letting me know about her books.

  2. I liked these...she has vivid descriptions of life with kids as complicated by either being very ancient or very powerful beings or both, provides for very humorous scenes.