Thursday, August 9, 2012

Life's little the Post Office! and a surprise from Google

First, let me say that I am incredibly grateful for media mail and flat rate boxes.  I occasionally send packages to my adopted soldiers and I certainly try to stuff those little flat rate boxes as tightly as the extent that the clerk has occasionally told me that they look pregnant and one of these days I am going to get one rejected!  I really appreciate that I can ship media mail (although I admit that the boxes I mailed for Kim from the SOS Aloha blog are some of the largest that I have tried to send...she is a whiz at packing, let me tell you!).  So...why am I ranting?   I send out shipments every so often and I have had my tussles with the post office since I really HATE standing in line for 30 minutes or so (I am a little more nervous about reading in line at the post office because I am a paranoid person so I like to watch who is coming in and out) and often use my local UPS store as an alternative.  Occasionally, the post office returns packages because they claim that I have not handed my package to a person (not true) but I have learned ways around having to go to the local post office although it requires a little more effort on the part of the UPS Store staff.  Last Friday, I mailed a package at the post office so that a friend could share some of the goodies that were available at RWA.  I like to practice RAOK (random acts of kindness) and this was a small gesture to let her know that I appreciate her (0:

Now, I love surprises...both giving and receiving them so I waited impatiently for her to tell me that she had gotten a package in the mail.  (Who knows if she's going to like the books themselves...but that's another issue, lol).  I finally gave up and told her to be on the lookout since I was afraid that maybe she missed the notice that she had a package.  Hmmm...I always theorize that a turtle walking at a normal pace can deliver the mail faster than a letter can travel from my town to L.A. which is about 65 miles away but this package was going to another state that usually takes 1-2 days for first class mail to arrive waited impatiently.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the package was sent back to me!!!!  Why?  Because they didn't think I mailed it at the post office!  What??  You mean the place where they weighed it to make sure that I had the proper postage (I did) and used their little rubber stamp to cancel out all of my little postage stamps (all 12 of them)?  Yep.  The newbie evidently forgot/didn't know she was supposed to put a $.00 postage due sticker on the package.   Grr!  This is not quite as bad as the time that a package was sent back and the clerk accused me of putting half of a postage stamp on it therefore postage was due.  I think not!  Anyway, hopefully it is now on its way....

And, if you happen to use Google to search with, there is a cute game that you can play right now (that I am totally inept at) with a kayak and a stream...just hit the little icon with the picture and the will give you visual instructions.  Yes, another distraction...SQUIRREL!  (although in my case it's usually, BOOK!)

Back to the proofreading....and if only I can figure out how to shrink my pictures on the Mac!

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