Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fantastic military romances on the way...

In case you missed it, I really enjoyed I Own the Dawn by ML Buchman (post)

and coming soon is Guardian by Catherine Mann (available in early September)

and...it will take a few months but be well worth the wait...A SEAL at Heart by Anne Elizabeth will be out in early December.  Put it on your wishlists so you remember to order it!

I will post reviews on the latter two once they are live on the Night Owl site but yum!  all of these were fantastic military romances (0:

I overheard an author at RWA complaining about the lack of authenticity to some of the military romance novels but I as a reader have no problem with authors making up units and branches of the military to feature in their stories.  I actually would rather not inadvertently endanger any of the brave souls putting their lives on the line for us while I enjoy getting a glimpse into the rigorous training and dedication that characterizes these heroes who willingly risk danger.  My heart always hurts at the references to how hard it is for both those who serve and those who are left behind to worry for them but the romantic in me always hopes that each person has at least one person to share their fears, hopes and love with and that is the message very skillfully presented in the aforementioned titles and others like them.  All three were excellent tales and I look forward to more from these talented authors.


  1. Lack of authenticity...hmmm I kinda like reading stories that are more made up, more out of this world and more 'out there' in regards to real world authenticity. Maybe that's why I like paranormals.

  2. I figure it is impossible to please everyone so I just enjoy the ones that appeal to me and leave the worries to others who are more into details than I.