Friday, August 17, 2012

Contests for Adult titles + free reads for Adults

Please visit these blogs only if you are an adult!

BlackRaven's Erotic Cafe is having a

Sweet, Sexy, Scorching Hot Blog Tour & Giveaway: Karen Erickson


and the Smutketeers are having a Friends Are The Best Revenge Weekend Contest at this link.

For those who haven't visited the Smutketeers recently, they have welcomed the delightful Robin L. Rotham to their ranks (she joins Eden Bradley/Eve Berlin, R.G. Alexander/Rachel Grace, and Crystal Jordan) so there are even more sizzling hijinks in store, I am sure!


Both have great prizes (although sadly, as usual, I am locked out of some of the entries since I don't Facebook or use Twitter but those of you who do can get extra entries). 


Also, here is a link to a site that promotes free or low cost erotic reads.  Make sure that you check the price BEFORE downloading to make sure that the title is still available for the expected price.  Link.

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