Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lisa Renee Jones e-book (sorry, offer has expired)

Renegade Passion (part of the Zodius series) by Lisa Renee Jones is available for a limited time only.  Sorry, offer expired!  It is an adults only title.  Please click the cover to for the Amazon link.

She also wants to remind her fans that her fascinating adult title If I Were You (another great read) will be out on August 24.  Unfortunately, there is no Amazon link yet but the Barnes & Noble link is here.  I am seriously behind on writing reviews (I didn't stop reading, I just haven't been writing reviews to keep up with what I have read) and given that I have had two rush proofreads in the past is not likely to become rectified soon...but I am down to 8 that are due to be written even as I am reading Michelle Sagara's delightful Cast In Peril right now (it will be out in Oct.).  For some odd reason, I am unable to post the image alone so have to use the offering below.  Thus far, it is another fantastic addition to the 'Chronicles of Elantra' series.

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