Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Star Gazer

Star Gazer  
by Chris Platt is a lovely story for tweens who are horse-crazy.  Written by a former jockey, this story focuses on the larger draft horses such as Percherons.  It reminds us of that intensity that we have when we REALLY want something even as it alludes to the complications that ensue when family relationships break down.  I like that it shows a girl who is willing to work for what she wants even though her world has been uprooted (although I would have been in much more serious trouble if I had done what she had as a kid...I was in enough trouble trying to smuggle a kitten into the household, lol).  There is a glimpse of another culture which I was surprised to learn comprises part of Michigan (I always picture the Amish as living more toward the East Coast) and intriguing descriptions of the horses that I have primarily seen associated with a certain beer company.  Black Beauty by Anna Sewell was the first hardback book that I was given as a child and I began devouring the books by Marguerite Henry such as Misty of Chincoteague (and getting glimpses of a life beyond my tiny urban existence) before moving on to my beloved dog stories including those by Albert Payson Terhune which made me yearn for a Collie of my own.

My Amazon review of Star Gazer is at this link.  I always appreciate a 'yes, this was helpful' vote if you are so inclined.


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