Thursday, September 20, 2012

Proving I'm not a robot! and a couple of contests

So, one of the drawbacks to being addicted to entering contests (besides the negative reinforcement of winning things, lol) is trying to remember which password I used where and running into those little 'prove you are not a robot' captcha codes.  Both drive me nuts!  Sure, I could write down all of the passwords...but how is that more secure?  Then I have a mile long list of sites, their respective passwords...and I am the person who writes down a shopping list and promptly loses it until AFTER I have gone to the store.  Sometimes, by the time I have gone through all of the hassle of figuring out which password I used on which site...which occasionally results in having to ask to reset the darn thing...I have used up the spare time that I was going to use to visit the site itself.  And then, just like having telephone numbers already stored in the phone...since my computer automatically enters the password when I enter the has been so long since I have had to manually enter something...I no longer remember what it is!  Okay, finally get into the site and start commenting on a particular person's posting and then....GRRRR....I get to the captcha!  I wear bifocals.  Not happily, but I do wear them.  I have finally gotten past the feeling of being underwater half of the time (and no, the rare occasions that I have gone swimming, I go in without glasses...after all, how can it be worse?  My vision is blurry without my glasses anyway).  But I still struggle with whether I am using the top half of my glasses or the bottom half to read the computer screen.  Combine that with some wavy letters and numbers in weird positions and ...  ARRGGHH!  I might as well not post by the time I have gone through 4 different captchas ... maybe I need a robot to enter the captcha!

Anyway, TRS is having an end of the summer bash at this link.  Don't forget that you have to login (sigh, fruits of a spammer attack on their site!) before you can enter any of the contests...and leave the Nook giveaway for me, lol!

And Shiloh Walker is having a contest to promote the release of the new title in her Grimm's Circle series, Blind Destiny at this link.


  1. lol I used to lose my passwords all the time. So I got a small notebook, some sticky tabs and alphabetized my notebook with the sticky tabs and wrote down all the sites in alphabetical order and the passwords along with what email I used for that particular site.

    I know it sounds like a lot of work..and it was, but it saves me so much time looking for lost passwords. I recently turned the capchas off on my blog because so many people have been complaining about them. Hope I don't get loads of spam like that last time. lol

  2. Thanks for the tip and I hope those evil spambots don't visit your blog!