Thursday, December 27, 2012

Exposed to You (and making soup)

Exposed to You    
by Beth Kery is another of her mesmerizing erotic romances, filled with her beautiful imagery and emotional scenes.  It is part of the 'One Night of Passion' series and I am sad to say that I have not read any of the other titles in this series yet.  There is an impressive introduction to the dynamics between the hero and the heroine as they share an extremely carnal and intimate introduction amidst very unusual circumstances.  I love the mistaken identity trope as well as the unflinching honesty presented when characters are stripped of artifice and there was a nice counterpoint between the anonymity conferred by the makeup and prosthetics that Everett Hughes (the hero) wears and the atypical behavior displayed by Joy Hightower (the heroine) as she dealt with the sobering information she had received.  The poignant issues contrasted with the sometimes superficial world attendant with the movie industry makes this an emotional read even as the searing intimate encounters remind us why Ms Kery's books are such arousing and entertaining reads.  My Amazon review is at this link.

As part of my ongoing experimentation into the arcane area of cooking edible dishes, I searched for something to do with some of the ham left over from our Christmas dinner (most of it went right into the freezer).  Given that it is pretty cold (yes, I am a wimpy Southern California girl so I am not particularly enamored of the 50 degree weather or the nights that are down in the teens or low twenties), my thoughts turned to soup and I am delighted that the 'Delicious Ham and Potato Soup' at this link lived up to its title.  I am prone to be absent-minded when preparing food but fortunately this recipe was very straight-forward, relatively quick to prepare and required ingredients that I actually had in my pantry (except for the celery).  I do warn you to make sure that you taste before even thinking about adding salt since the bouillon provides plenty of saltiness and I imagine that the celery would have added even more.  I evidently had my flame a little low while making the flour portion (roux) so it took longer to thicken than the recipe indicated (and of course I started worrying that I had done something wrong) but it did indeed eventually do what it was supposed to and the soup was delicious!  Now I just have to perfect a cream of mushroom version, lol.


  1. I love cooking so thanks for the link to the recipe.

    That sounds like a good books, thanks for the heads up.

  2. It was a lovely book, I really enjoyed it and I am still delighted by the results of my foray into soup making...since I usually am one who opens a can and throws other additions into it!