Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fencing You In (and the Riding Tall series) Adult title

Fencing You In           
by Cheyenne McCray is the delicious newest novella in her yummy 'Riding Tall' series.   Branded For You is the first in this series and features Megan Wilder and tells the story of her romance with Ryan McBride.  Another of these attractive McBride men is featured in Roping Your Heart which centers around Blake, a single dad, and his lost love, Cat Hayden.  Fencing You In picks up after those events and spotlights Megan's sister, Tess, and yet another McBride brother (there are 5 altogether), the delectable Gage.  Be warned, there is a fair amount of violence and a bit of kink in this particular tale but it is definitely my favorite of the series thus far.  All of these stories are alluring because they feature such yummy males (aren't those covers droolworthy?...and they have faces, Mary!) who are not only strong and sexy but strong family men who love intensely and are incredibly loyal.  I love the way elements are carried over from story to story yet each can be read as a stand-alone.  This author has long been one of my favorites due to her ability to tell an intriguing story which has plenty of spice yet conveys a wonderful romance as well and this series showcases her talents.  My Amazon review for Fencing You In is at this link and for Roping Your Heart is at this link.


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