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A guest post by KC Burn, author of Cop Out and Cover Up (plus my reviews) ADULT titles

I have the pleasure to have a guest post by an author who I have recently discovered.  I read a blurb for one of her titles and thought it sounded interesting and thus far have had the pleasure of reading the first two titles in her m/m 'Toronto' series and I hope to read many more! (I am not a big movie watcher so please be advised that the following is Ms. Burn's evaluation of various movies, lol)

Terrible Taste in Movies
by KC Burn

I have terrible taste in movies. I watch the Oscars every year, but most times, I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated. Oscar nominated films don’t usually have cyborgs or blood baths or explosions or a lot of laughs. Because of my lack discernment, I’ve seen some really great B movies and I’ve seen some execrable pieces of shit.

I’m also quite forgiving of bad movies, but over the years, I’ve seen 4 movies that make up my own personal list of the worst movies EVER. Now, I’ve seen movies that I’ve turned off because they were so bad, but these 4 were movies I paid money for at the theatre, and I would have walked out of if I hadn’t been with a group so that I was more or less trapped into seeing the entire movie.

1.    Species 2 – the first one was a great alien movie. The second one was… horrific. That’s about all I can say.
2.    Mortal Kombat: Annihilation – Basing movies off videos games is probably not a great idea to begin with, but the first Mortal Kombat was fun and fluffy. Annihilation made me want to rip my hair out.
3.    The Thin Red Line – I know Terrence Malick is this highly respected director and all that, but he applied his symbolism with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer and the main characters were both young, dark-haired and dirty. I couldn’t tell the difference between them for the ENTIRE movie, except that I think one of them was a pedophile. Also… IMDB claims the movie was only three hours long, but that’s a big fat lie. It had to have been at least twelve hours long. Or an eternity.
4.    Tarzan and the Lost City – Casper Van Dien might be pretty as all hell, but he’s got to be one of the worst actors ever. And Tarzan really ought to know which animal calls match which animals.

Even if I’d been lobotomized, I’d still be pissed that I wasted time & money to see these movies at the theater. I riff on this a little bit in my first and third Toronto Tales books. The O’Donnells are a large family who weren’t able to coordinate movies for seven kids, so the rule had always been that they’d go to the theater and they’d watch the next available show. As adults, the O’Donnells make a habit of doing the same thing, and often end up seeing bad movies through the luck of the draw.  I like to think that maybe the O’Donnells saw some of the absolute stinkers that I did.

So, tell me… what are the worst movies you’ve ever seen?

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My reviews:

These are ADULT titles


4 1/2 out of 5 stars

Cop Out by KC Burn is an intense m/m tale that examines the life-changing effects of events after Detective Kurt O’Donnell loses his partner of three years and discovers that he didn’t really know anything about the man’s personal life.  Kurt must face some difficult decisions when he discovers that his former partner’s bereaved lover, Davy, is coming to be more important than Kurt has ever imagined a non-family male could be.  Learning to cope with a new partner, a potential change in sexual orientation and the quest to capture and convict his partner’s murderer unfortunately may be more than his tentative connection with Davy can bear.

This searingly emotional m/m novella is an excellent introduction to the ‘Toronto’ series and provides an enjoyable combination of action, spice and angst as a man faces a significant identity crisis unexpectedly.  The danger of the hero’s job is contrasted nicely with depictions of his boisterous and loving family and his struggle to come to terms with a totally unexpected attraction for an emotionally fragile man is a compelling tale.  The sensual scenes are balanced with the mine-filled evolution of the relationship between the two main characters and I kept reading faster and faster as I wanted to know how things were going to play out.  I was mesmerized by the story and anxious to read the sequel.  This is the first story I have read by this author and I am definitely going to be on the lookout for more.

(a copy of this delicious title was provided for me in return for an honest review)

Cop Out (Toronto Tales) (Amazon link)

 4 out of 5 stars

Cover Up by KC Burn is the second story in the m/m ‘Toronto’ series and details the travails of Detective Ivan Bekker who is reeling from the complications ensuing after a raid when he is abruptly sent on a covert undercover mission by his boss, Inspector Sergio Martelli. Parker Wakefield is suspected of being a rising star with the local Russian mafia head and Ivan is tasked with getting proof therefore he applies to be a roommate while pretending to be a divorced heterosexual man. Unfortunately, there are plenty of conflicts for Ivan to deal with, not least of which is his attraction to his suspect, and there may be no way to avoid choosing between his duty and his heart.

This story combines a bit of romantic suspense with a m/m erotic romance and provides an entertaining light read. I was a little disappointed in the meek personality of Parker, who has been treated poorly and has had a poor self-image due to his past and I thought it was a little hard to believe that he was so naive about quite a few things. The awkward position that Ivan finds himself in and the conflicts that he must grapple with while coping with the traumatic experience that he has undergone seem a little difficult to believe, especially when he goes under the radar without explaining his assignment to his partner at the very least. I enjoyed the cameos by some of those characters from the first novella in the series and look forward to reading more adventures of these dedicated police officers and the men who capture their hearts.

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I received a copy of this title in return for an honest review.

Cover Up (Toronto Tales)  (Amazon link)

and...there's a new title in the series out, Cast Off!



RICK slapped a roller, soaked with paint, against the wall, causing a little back spray. God, he was such an idiot. He stroked the roller up and down until he’d used up the paint on the roller, then set it back in the tray before trying to wipe at the lemon-yellow spatters on his arms. He only succeeded in streaking the yellow along his forearms.

He wasn’t sure why he’d been so damned flippant about Ian’s coming-out statement. He, better than anyone, knew how hard it could be. Of course, the guy had to have some idea about how his revelation would be received, given that the revelation was to an already gay brother who had moved in with his boyfriend. Davy had told him that Kurt and his brother had been estranged for a couple of months, thinking it had something to do with Kurt coming out, but Kurt was a very private person and Rick hadn’t heard anything more. For all he knew, the estrangement had been over something entirely different. Family stuff wasn’t any of Rick’s business, although he might make an exception in Ian’s case.

Assuming Ian didn’t hate him for acting like a shallow idiot. Rick had played up the oversexed club boy as soon as he’d seen Ian, and reacted before he’d had a chance to realize what import Ian’s words held for anyone besides his own cock.

Rick had always had a little crush on Kurt, with that stern cop exterior and those puffed-up muscles. But Ian was like a refined, polished, better-looking version of Kurt, with dark hair instead of auburn and pale-blue eyes instead of dark blue, and in great shape.

“Hey, Rick.” Kurt’s deep voice had him spinning around, and like his thoughts had conjured him up, there was Ian.

“Uh, hey.” No, he wasn’t digging himself out of his hole with that stellar oration.

“Rick, this is my brother, Ian. Ian, this is my friend, Rick.”

Ian’s red-rimmed eyes and the shy vulnerability in his expression tugged at something deep inside Rick. Even if Ian was a keeper like Kurt, Rick couldn’t bring himself to brush Ian off. Not after his thoughtlessness earlier.

He extended his hand. “Nice to meet you, Ian.”

Ian gripped his hand. “Nice to meet you too.” The heat was back, the heat he’d sworn he’d seen earlier when Ian had raked his gaze from Rick’s head to his toes, and especially one particular bit in between. Ian held his hand for longer than customary and rubbed at the inside of Rick’s wrist before he let go. Goose bumps flared along Rick’s arm at the telling, yet subtle, touch.

Ian turned to his brother. “I think I’ll stay in here, help Rick.”

Kurt rolled his eyes and left. Rick’s heart picked up its pace at the realization they were alone.

“So, I’m pretty sure the paint’s supposed to go on the wall.” Ian grinned, and the shyness disappeared in a flash as he reached out and swiped a finger along Rick’s cheek, down his neck, and to his collarbone.

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And...KC Burn has a new title out...

Pen Name - Doctor Chicken
Sometimes Stratford Dale feels like Doctor Chicken consumes his life. It’s his pen name for a series of wildly popular children’s books. They were his brainchild; he meant for them to be a way to pay his many bills while he pursued his dream of publishing graphic novels. But the Doctor Chicken contract was a raw deal. Instead, he churns out book after book for a pittance, leaving him broke and no closer to his dreams.

Stratford’s dreams of love have fared no better, but he’s still trying. After yet another disastrous date, he’s intrigued by a man going into a cooking class—so he takes the class too. Vinnie Giani is a successful, self-made man who is charmed by Stratford’s bow ties, sharp humor, and clumsiness—which leads to an opportunity to take Stratford in for stitches. Vinnie is, above all, responsible, having taken on the care of his mother and sisters from a young age. Perhaps it’s natural when he begins to treat Stratford more as a child who needs a parent than as an equal partner. But when Vinnie tries to “fix” Stratford’s career woes—including the Doctor Chicken problem—and ends up making the situation worse, their fledgling relationship may not withstand the the strain created by blame and lies.

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  1. Now that's just funny. I'll agree with you on all of those except for Species 2. I've liked all the Species movies, but yeah, those other ones...bad, bad movies.

    I think the worst movie I've ever seen was Kill Bill..omg I seriously hate that movie and the one that came after it.

    1. This is why I don't go to the movies, lol. Of course, my younger brother dragged me to some kung fu movie where blood and heads were flying all over the place...I ended up just keeping my eyes closed for most of the movie! Thanks for visiting, Mary.

    2. HA! I hated Kill Bill, too, enough that I didn't want to see the second one, and I don't even mind gore (since I watch a lot of crappy horror movies too).

    3. Thanks for visiting, KC. Loved the stories and looking forward to reading more in the series. (and no, after seeing the first scene, I knew I didn't want to watch Kill Bill!)