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Robert Asprin's Dragons Run


Robert Asprin’s Dragons Run by Jody Lynn Nye continues the fun series started by the late Robert Asprin. The McCandles siblings are dealing with the issues of Valerie's pregnancy in two very different venues. Griffen is still in their beloved New Orleans and has his hands full trying to juggle his gambling operation while complying with his uncle Malcolm’s strong request to aid a potential gubernatorial candidate, Penny Dunbar. Valerie, Griffen’s sister, has willingly accompanied the grandmother of her expected child and is wallowing in luxury but is out of contact with everyone else. The problem is that a baby dragon is a rare entity and quite a few beings have an interest in its birth plus those backing the political candidates have some very exotic supporters and there may end up being a shakeup in both New Orleans and dragon society before everything is done.

This fun tale combines dragons, voodoo, ghosts, shapeshifters, a warlock, gambling and politics in a delightful mixture of events that provides an intriguing look at the even more colorful environs of New Orleans.  The dual tales as Valerie continues to gestate in a vastly different society while Griffen still juggles his struggling gambling ring while trying to keep his lover Lisa Fox happy, comply with his guardian’s dictates, and searches for his missing sister which all provide plenty of unusual situations peopled with quirky characters.  It was great to get glimpses of the popular characters from previous tales but some of the action was a little disjointed to me and I was disappointed by Val’s complacence and incompetence as I keep expecting her to become a stronger force.  The unusual character of George and his amazing talents are nicely contrasted with the suave yet fearsome Reginaud St. Cyr Duvallier but the resolution of the story is oddly rushed to me and the disposition of two formidable enemies seemed a bit too easy given the previous demonstration of their capabilities.  An enjoyable addition to the series but there are definitely some dangling threads that will be interesting to follow.

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If you like tongue-in-cheek stories...Robert Asprin wrote fun science fiction stories with names like Phule (homophone for Fool) and a wacky fantasy series with a fledgling wizard name Skeeve being mentored by a demon named Aahz that all use Myth in the title (Myth-Conceptions, Little Myth Marker, etc.)

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