Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Arrangement by Mary Balogh


The Arrangement by Mary Balogh is part of the ‘Survivors’ Club’ series and is a wonderful addition to the stories which focus on a group of people who have survived horrendous injuries and are slowly finding a way to live again rather than just exist. Vincent Hunt inherited a title and has become Viscount Darleigh but has not quite found a way to discourage his well-meaning family from overcompensating for his blindness. His attempt to escape their machinations results in the possibility of his freedom being even more threatened until the timely intervention of Sophia Fry, who is superficially a mouse of a young woman but has an indomitable spirit. Their blossoming relationship could reap freedom for both of them but only if they learn to be honest with one another in time.

This delicious historical romance provides another opportunity to fall in love with this author’s ability to weave a poignant tale that celebrates courage and romance. The inspiring characters that people this series are self-proclaimed survivors but they are feeling their way back to becoming active members of society who still have something to contribute. It was fascinating to read about the steps that Vincent has taken in order to overcome his handicap and heartwarming to see the mutual benefit that is obtained when he and Sophie become comfortable with one another. The faithful assistant, Martin Fisk, definitely deserves his time in the spotlight as well and I hope to hear more about his romance in future tales just as I enjoy getting glimpses of the other members of the ‘Club’. The beautiful emotionalism evoked in this tale is a testament to Ms. Balogh’s ability to create vivid word pictures and I was particularly struck by the description of George Crabbe’s care for Vincent when he was first recovering from his wounds. This is definitely a tale to read with a tissue close at hand but one will definitely appreciate the crucible that both of these characters undergo and cheer for their ability to survive what life has thrown at them. I look forward to reading more in this compelling series.

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The first book in this series is The ProposalI haven't had the pleasure of reading it yet, but it is definitely on my very long to-do list!