Monday, December 16, 2013

Contests and seasonal posts (updated 12/23)

Amaryllis in the MIL's garden

There are multiple hops and contests going on...

Night Owl review has a Winter Wonderland Scavenger Hunt at this link and multiple giveaway contests (check the dates, some have expired) at this link

Romance Books 4 Us has a Dancing Santa Contest at this link

Writerspace has a list of contests at this link

Author Victoria Blisse has a BlisseKiss Kissmas (ADULTS only) contest at this link

Mari Carr has a giveaway going on at this link

Victoria Vane has a daily giveaway at this link

Cynthia Gail is having a daily giveaway at this link

The Holiday Wishlist bloghop has a stop on ReviewsbyCrystal's blog at this link

Those of you looking for seasonal stories might want to visit the Snarkology blog at this link (she is featuring the 25 days of Christmas stories)

And, I loved the story that Sable Hunter shared about her 'vacation' in the post on the Wild and Wicked Cowboys blog at this link.  (I expect these events to appear in one of her stories)

And, if you want to have some man candy pictures to stare at...go by the XOXO After Dark site and enter the Joe Manganiello sweepstakes at this link.  (and don't forget to look at the free reads while you are there!)

 Faith Hunter has an Easter Egg Hunt (yes, you read that right, lol) at this link

Ooh...and I almost missed the (ADULTS ONLY) celebration on the Smutketeers blog at this link!

There is A Very Paranormal Holidays Blog Hop at this link

Skye Jordan has a new blog tour to promote her new release, Rebel, at this link.

There are plenty of others around, feel free to leave links to ones that you find in the comments (and don't forget to go back to see some of the giveaways on this blog that are still active, including the Hot Holiday Hunk hop at this link!)

Mary at the Dark Thoughts blog is going to have a giveaway on Dec. 19 at this link


  1. Thanks for letting us know about all of those. I am going to have a giveaway for a $25 Starbucks gc on the 19th.

    1. Ooh...I could get a lot of hot chai and hot chocolate with that! Thanks for letting us know, Mary. Great article about what to feed your pet rat!

  2. You're welcome. Glad you liked my article. :)

  3. Thank you so much for always keeping us updated about contest. You are so sweet and this is the bestest blog to visit to stay updated :)

    1. Wow, you know how to make a person feel warm and fuzzy (0:
      Thanks for visiting!