Sunday, March 2, 2014

Contests and whatnots...(updated as I find other items of interest)

I have had my head buried in edits for the past few I haven't kept up with all of the contests that I like to enter but wanted to share some that are going on now and coming up over the next week...

TRR is having its anniversary party (Happy 3rd Anniversary!) at this link and has other contests at this link

Night Owl Romance always has plenty of giveaways at this link (and don't forget to come to the chats on most Monday evenings, if you RSVP that morning, you will be eligible for the author prizes.   Info at this link)

Romance Books 4 Us has a Pot of Gold contest (starting Mar. 4) at this link (and don't forget to look at the author pages, many of them offer additional contests)

Coffee Time Romance has contests at this link

Author Tory Richards has a giveaway celebrating the release of her new book, Happy Birthday Baby at this link

Writerspace has plenty of contests at this link
(and check here for the chats throughout the week, come join us and talk about what you're reading and meet some great authors!)

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, has a giveaway on Goodreads at this link as well as one on Night Owl at this link (and don't forget to visit her at the TRR party listed above (on Mar. 4)

Wilhelmina Stolen has a contest with beautiful prizes (but only if you have a FB account) at this link

Elle James/Myla Jackson has a tour to celebrate the release of SEAL's Honor at this link

Samhain cafe is celebrating Read an Ebook week (although I think you have to join at
Hours of Read an Ebook Party
8-10PM EST Sunday - March 2
8-10 PM EST Monday - March 3
8-10PM EST Tuesday - March 4 
1-3PM EST Wednesday - March 5
1-3PM EST Thursday - March 6
8-10 PM EST Friday - March 7
1-5PM EST Saturday - March 8 - Finale Party on Facebook

And...if you have an Amazon GC that's just itching to be spent, don't forget all of the great boxed sets that are available for a very minimal charge.  I have a few of them listed at this link.

Please don't forget to browse back through my blog for the various spotlights and giveaways.  It's a great way to get to know new authors and to thank them for sharing.  Please also visit Crystal's blog at this link for even more giveaways!

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