Looking at the notepad, she made a couple more strokes. 


They stood and walked to the couch where she sat. Trey patted her hip and she moved over enough so he could sit next to her while Garret bracketed her on the other side.

Her warm, sweet scent drifted upward, and he heard Garret draw in a slow, deep breath just as he did.

She sat immobile between them, as if overwhelmed by the two of them so close.

Trey lifted the paper. His character wore cowboy gear, including chaps and spurs, with a big “T” on his chest. The face was strong and rugged, the eyes staring soberly out. “That’s amazing, Megan.”

Garret took the notepad. His likeness wore jeans, black work boots, and a black T-shirt. In the drawing, flames burst from his body.

“You captured the cowboy perfectly.” Garret looked at Trey, a teasing look in his eyes.

“You got that daredevil, too.” Trey winked at her. “The flames are exactly his style.”

Megan still sat unmoving. Trey handed her the wine glass as Garret set the paper on the table. The brothers’ eyes met, and Trey knew what their next step would be.

“How about you in the middle?” Trey asked.

Her gaze flew to his. “What do you mean?”

Her uncertainty clutched at his heart. “Draw yourself in between me and Garret.”


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