Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Face to Face by Ariana Gaynor (spotlight)


Face to Face

After four years of constant instant messaging and video chats, Jess Thomas is ready to meet Ash James in person.
Too bad he isn’t on board with the idea.

But when she’s offered the job opportunity of a lifetime, and it just happens to be located in his town, she’s ready to tempt fate. Fate is fickle though. If you don’t move at her speed she’ll give you a good push.

A woman in distress doesn’t sit well with Ash, and the one being accosted is the last person he expects to see. At least not on this side of a computer screen.

Jess’s first in-person meeting with Ash doesn’t go exactly as she hoped.  Will he let her explain herself when their paths cross again and forgive her?

Does their future stand a chance?

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  1. Thank you for hosting my book today!

    1. Congrats and good luck on the release, Ariana! Glad to have you visit!