Monday, June 9, 2014

The Collector by Nora Roberts (review)


The Collector by Nora Roberts is an exciting romantic suspense tale that unfolds around housesitter Lila Emerson, whose service allows her to explore domiciles in multiple exotic locales where she is also able to pursue her writing career. An inadvertent witness to a murder, Lila’s compassion for Ashton Archer (Ash) draws her into an investigation that is fraught with confusing aspects and threatens to become life-threatening. Ashton’s artistic eye for detail allows him to tease out minutia that not only enhances his masterpieces but helps him follow the trail that may lead to the priceless catalyst for the murder but the price for his solving the crime may be much too high.
The beauty of Ms. Roberts’ works stems from her ability to provide a wealth of information about her charismatic characters and their multitude of pursuits even as a compelling story unfolds. Despite the fact that I am less than enamored with studying history, I was fascinated by the story underlying the mystery even as I was chilled by the amoral villains depicted in the story. The various furry characters who had their own roles to play in this story added immensely to my enjoyment of a tale that showcased yet again this author’s masterful creation of quirky people who I would love to meet even though I think that I would be exhausted after spending time in their company since each is so intense in his or her pursuits. The understory that is being told as Lila writes her own book also sounds like a fun read and her joy in the little details that are inherent in stepping into a new home for a brief time makes me want to try it myself although I would have to learn how to be as adept with a multi-tool as this resourceful woman. As always, the lush romance that develops delighted me even as I shivered at the escalation of evil that threatened to end the relationship before it flourished. Another fantastic story from one of my favorite authors.
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