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A Heart In Conflict by Tricia McGill (spotlight, excerpt, review and GIVEAWAY) GFT

by Tricia McGill


GENRE: Romance, Contemporary



A Heart in Conflict (Challenge the Heart Book 2) Opposites attract, it is a well-known fact. At times this leads to insurmountable conflict, when at other times, sit back and watch the fireworks.

Steve Tanakis considers himself cool and calmly confident. Head of a fashion business, he needs to be in control of his life and his business decisions. He decides it is time to find a suitable mother for his son. Through with the pain that comes along with passion, he now considers what he wants is an unemotional wife, one who will fit well into his way of life.

Georgie McNamara, assistant designer in his fashion house, is flamboyant, vivacious, and gregarious, the antitheses to his idea of the perfect choice. The tiny whirlwind turns Steve's organized lifestyle upside down, somehow worming her way into his, and his son’s life, foiling all his plans to find that uncomplicated wife. Along the way Steve comes to realize there is a lot more to this bundle of feminine trouble than he first thought. Is she more trouble than he can handle?



“That Marika drives me nuts the way she keeps pawing Dad.” He shuddered.

“You shouldn’t talk about your father’s lady friend like that,” Georgie scolded, while secretly agreeing. Just what did Steve see in Marika Desmos? Stupid question, for she was ravishing.

Jimmy peered through the stair rails. “I’m worried he might marry her.” He made a rude noise. “Imagine a dragon like that as your stepmother?”

Marika was definitely a man-eating dragon. With fangs sharpened ready to eat Steve. The thought of Steve marrying that woman made Georgie nauseous.

Jimmy patted her arm. “I wouldn’t mind you as a stepmother. You’ve got lovely eyes. They’re slanted and they sort of glow.”

“Thank you, Jimmy, that’s the best compliment I’ve ever received.”

“It’s true. I’m hoping he won’t rush into anything. He always says once bitten twice shy.” Tapping his chin he added thoughtfully, “Though he hasn’t said that lately. Do you think I ought to start worrying? My mother left when I was only two, you know.” He sounded unbothered.

“I heard they were divorced ten years ago.” The factory grapevine also disclosed that his ex-wife was now living in America with her new husband. Georgie gave him a gentle smile. “Your father obviously loves you a lot.”

“I know.” His cheeky grin returned. “How old are you?”

“Twenty two.”

“You look younger. What a shame, I was going to ask you to wait until I’m old enough to take you out.”

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AUTHOR Bio and Links:

 Award winning author Tricia McGill was born in London, England, and moved to Australia many years ago, settling near Melbourne. The youngest in a large, loving family, she was never lonely or alone. Surrounded by avid readers, who encouraged her to read from an early age, is it any wonder she became a writer? Although her published works cross sub-genres, romance is always at their heart. They say write what you know, and before early retirement gave Tricia the time to write full time, she worked as a pattern cutter in a clothing factory, and even had her own designing and dressmaking business for a while. So, her years in this industry is where the inspiration to write Georgie and Steve’s story sprung from.



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My review:

3.75 out of 5 stars

A Heart in Conflict by Tricia McGill follows Georgette (Georgie) McNamara, who navigates the challenges of pursuing her dream of becoming a big name in high fashion while dealing with the responsibility of caring for her younger sister and resisting the allure of her boss, Steve Tanakis. Steve has his own challenges, including a young son who looks up to him and parents who are less than supportive, and he is unwilling to risk his heart ever again, no matter how intrigued he is by the petite whirlwind known as Georgie.

This contemporary romance with an Australian flair is a quick read that evokes the feel of traditional series romances with exotic locales, a somewhat naïve but plucky heroine, and a brooding older hero. I enjoyed the brief glimpse into the world of fashion and wish there was a little more development of some of the secondary characters such as Georgie’s housemates but understand that the brevity of the story undoubtedly limited what could be described. Those who are concerned with such things should be forewarned that there are frequent shifts in points of view but I think this was still a fun beach read for those who want a light romance set in foreign climes. I particularly enjoyed the younger characters and hope they eventually get to star in their own stories.

A copy of this story was provided to me for review.


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