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Midnight Bites: Stories of the Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine (review)

Midnight Bites: Stories of the Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine is based on one of my very favorite vampire series and all 22 of the stories in this book remind me of the author’s ability to immerse the reader in a chilling world that values humans only for their ability to produce an acceptable quantity of blood or perform menial tasks. I’m not a big horror fan, but somehow, no matter how horrific the acts described, I am still mesmerized by the struggle by humans (and vampires) who refuse to be forced into a life (with or without a beating heart) contrary to what they believe in. The charm of this series is the depiction of the ability to survive unspeakably awful events and (eventually) continue to live a useful life. This is a wonderfully chilling collection of tales about those eerie inhabitants of Morganville that fleshes out some of the books and reminds those like myself who haven’t caught up with all of the series that there are gaps to be filled in and books to be read! Visit Morganville…you’ll never leave…just like the rest of the humans…

This paranormal read is a wonderful collection of stories that remind one of all of the wonderfully quirky and dark elements of this series. The prologue to each indicates where in the series the action is taking place so this isn’t the volume to read if you haven’t caught up with all of the books because there are spoilers for earlier volumes. Those who are familiar with all of the factions and frenemies and true enemies of Morganville will get intriguing glimpses of the motivations behind some of the occurrences. I enjoyed discovering different facets of vampires such as Myrnin and Oliver, who each feature in stories that give their perspective on life with humans. And the surprise of realizing that Monica Morrell…almost…could be something other than a witch of the first order, the fun of seeing how Shane got his car ‘murdered’, seeing events from behind Eve’s Gothed-out eyes, plus a view of the love and bonding between the four inhabitants of Glass House, makes this a remarkable collection of stories.

A copy of this book was provide to me for review and a version of this review was submitted to Night Owl Reviews

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