Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bridge of Dreams

Bridge of Dreams by Anne Bishop is the third volume in her 'Ephemera' series. 

It aptly demonstrates the author's ability to create an eerie set of worlds which are interconnected by an intriguing mesh of thoughts made real combined with physical landmarks.  The dark side of the unifying character of the series is still a very real danger to those around her yet each deals with the dichotomy in a different manner.  The wonderful imagery created to evoke the emotional climates experienced by the various characters (I particularly like the stones that appear in the various landscapes in response to the feelings of anger...which have to be weeded out) as well as the fascinating beings which populate the worlds (imagine, a town of succubi and incubi complete with bread in the shape of...) all combine to make this a fantastic read.  The reader has to pay attention to catch all of the nuances (where else would it be contentious to show one's pet avian that the piece of toast they are eating is actually part of an entire slice and that butter and jelly can be put on it?) but there are wonderful elements that probably will only be appreciated with a second or third reading.  The author introduces fascinating beings called tryads who share a body but the body's characteristics change according to which person is prominent at the time.  Who would ever think that it would be an insult to be called one-faced?  It all depends on your perspective!  My Amazon review is at this link under ELF2060 (and as ever, I greatly appreciate a 'yes, this was helpful' vote--I am actually finally in the low four digits in my ranking, yippee!).

 I became a fan of Ms Bishop with her 'Black Jewels' series.  (Warning!  For adult readers only)

Her 'Tir Alainn' trilogy added to my admiration of her work.  I wasn't quite sure I liked her 'Ephemera' series but this volume reminded me of why I enjoy her stories.  One of these days when I have nothing else to do (she says laughingly), I will have to go back and re-read the aforementioned books so that I can review them properly.  I warn you that they are very erotic and dark fantasies but enthralling reads.


  1. I think I might have to get the books you speak of. What's not to like about very erotic dark fantasies.

    Thanks for the review, I didn't know about this author.

  2. She has fantastic characters and really compelling tales, I only regret donating my Tir Alainn trilogy to the local I will probably have to buy them again, lol.