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Revving up the Holidays by A.S. Fenichel (review) (ADULT title)

Ok...I am behind, I admit it.  I have been fortunate to have received plenty of titles to edit and I am woefully behind in my reviews (my apologies to all of you who have sent me titles to review...they are not lost, really!) and slowly trying to work my way through the piles so I am juggling frantically but I am still having a ball reading although my sinuses are not crazy about the changes in barometric pressure which complicates matters since that gives me headaches!  This is my long-winded way of explaining why I am finally reviewing some of the seasonal titles a couple of months late.  I had the pleasure of reading Revving Up the Holidays (ADULT title) a few weeks ago but it has taken me a while to get it written up...


Revving Up the Holidays by A.S. Fenichel is an erotic romance novella with a seasonal twist. Ben Silverman makes an all too rare visit to be with his sister and her family in Atlanta at Hanukkah. He is stunned to reconnect with Giada (Gigi) Leone, who reminds him of the feelings he had for her during high school but never acted on. Their searing attraction to one another is complicated by the specters of the past but they have to learn to compromise just as they must discover how to meld their respective cultures and traditions.

This entertaining contemporary romance is an entertaining combination of spice and family holiday celebrations that span two different cultures. There were lovely descriptions of family traditions that give texture to the story even as the heat rises between the two main characters. It was a little difficult to believe that this is the first time that they finally made a connection after so many years but the story was touching and enjoyable nonetheless. A fun quick read that shows how to heat up a couple of holiday celebrations.

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I was lucky enough to receive a copy of this title as a prize.  (0:

I also had the pleasure of reading the delightful science-fiction erotic romance title, Kane's Bounty, by this author...and hopefully will get my review for that yummy title written up in the near future.  

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