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The Beginning by Vicktor Alexander (excerpt and GIVEAWAY) ADULT title

It is my pleasure to have Vicktor Alexander, author of the The Beginning (Sons of Adam) (ADULT title) visiting the blog.  Isn't that a lovely cover?  And here's Vicktor...

What’s Next for the Sons of Adam Series?

I want to thank Elf for having me here on the last day of the tour. 

Today I’m giving away a free ebook version of The Beginning (Sons of Adam) to one lucky person who comments and on Monday at The Purple Fantasy Den ( I will announce the three Rafflecopter winners.

One of the things I love the most about writing a series is the secondary characters and knowing what is coming up next for them. So, now that Ronny and Cole’s story is released, whose story is next? Why, their friend Benjamin, of course! And today, on the last day of the tour, I am sharing with you a sneak peek into The New World Order, Benjamin’s story, Sons of Adam: 2.

Book Two: The New World Order

Humans were the animals to be feared, especially when they stood in the middle of mall parking lots and shouted like they were insane.
Benjamin pulled into the parking lot of the mall in Gainesville where he, his best friend Cole, Cole's mate, Ronny, their babies and the other band of outcasts had settled and his eyes widened. Standing in the middle of the parking lot, tossing out armfuls of clothing, shoes, and CDs was the most gorgeous man he'd ever seen in his life. The man looked tiny from a distance and very androgynous. His raven black hair blew in the wind and he yelled obscenities so loud that Benjamin could hear them in his car with the windows rolled up. He couldn't help himself, a little bit of Cole's "cat curiosity" must have rubbed off on him. Putting his shopping on hold Benjamin pulled up in the parking spot next to the angry litterbug and rolled down his window.

"I'm pretty sure there's another way to return clothes if they don't fit," he drawled with a smile, his gaze gliding up over the pale, thin legs of the ranting human, over the tiny, cutoff shorts that hugged his round, pert ass, over the oversized t-shirt that hung on his small, torso, passed his full lips to his bright blue eyes. His cock twitched behind the zipper of his jeans and Benjamin stifled a groan.

The little spitfire froze and turned to glare at Benjamin. "Mind your own fucking business. This is how I'm kicking out my cheating ex-boyfriend. So unless you want me to turn my wrath on you, I'd suggest you leave."

Benjamin chuckled and inhaled. The sweetest, most intoxicating fragrance of moss, the salty air at a beach and male musk wafted up to his nose and punched him in the face.

Benjamin groaned. It figures, the crazy idiot was his mate.


Glen glared at the beautiful black man who stared at him without flinching, lust burning in his gaze and felt his body respond to it.
Down boy, he ordered his cock, we just found out that Corey's been cheating on us. So hold it together.

He watched as the stranger smiled at him before turning off the engine of his car and climbing out. Glen swallowed nervously and backed up until he bumped into the hood of his car when he saw how tall the other man was. Fear pulsed through his veins and the steady stream of voices, usually muted or silenced by his medication, the medication he hadn't taken that morning because he'd been too angry, began whispering and screaming that the stranger had been sent by Corey to harm him. Glen's hands trembled and he swallowed nervously.

"I can smell the fear on you," the stranger said. "I mean you no harm, shrimp. I promise. I really just wanted to introduce myself."
At the man's use of the word "shrimp," something Glen rationally knew was meant to be in a friendly manner and not in an insulting one, rage flooded his limbs, replacing the fear. He reacted without thinking and slapped the other man.

"I am no one's shrimp!" he hissed.

He froze instantly at the sound of the growl rumbling up from the stranger's chest and turning to jump into his car, Glen found himself pressed against the side of the vehicle, with the other man's much larger body against his back.

"You only get one of those in our lives, mate," he said softly.

Glen's eyebrows lifted at the other man's words and then like a bucket of cold water being thrown in his face, the emergency news reports that he and Corey had been watching and the internet articles that he'd been obsessively reading came flooding back to his mind. The term "mate" was used by them. Oh god. For once he wasn't being paranoid with no provocation. He was actually in danger. The man behind him was an abomination, a shifter. He was going to rape and kill Glen just like the news reports said they'd been doing to humans for centuries.

"I can smell your fear again. What has you afraid?" the man asked pressing his face into the side of Glen's neck.

Glen trembled fear wrestling with his lust for the gorgeous man. "Y-you're a sh-shifter."

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  1. That was a great excerpt. Just enough to get us really interested in what happens next.

    1. Aren't those the best teases? I thought it was a great excerpt as well! Thanks for visiting, Mary.

    2. Thanks Mary! So glad you enjoyed the excerpt! And yeah, I have to get you all excited about the next book.

    3. Congratulations Mary! You won a free copy of "The Beginning"!! Contact me at vicktoralexander (at) vicktoralexander (dot) com to let me know what format you would like it in, or if you already have it, let me know that as well and we'll work something out.

    4. Congrats, Mary! And thanks for your generosity, Vicktor!

    5. Oh wow, thanks so much. I'll send an email right now.

  2. I don't know if I have a favorite yet, but I'm about to start Eden Winters' CORRUPTION, featuring Bo (the foil to my beloved Lucky in her DIVERSION series)...

    Trix, vitajex(at)aol(dot)com

    1. Hmm, I haven't read anything by that author yet, I will have to add her to my list! Thanks for sharing and for visiting, Trix.

    2. Oh I LOVE Eden Winters' books! I don't think I've read Corruption yet though.

  3. The second book sounds amazing. Can't wait for it to come out. Just bought The Beginning. Still in the rafflcopter drawing hoping to win a GC so I can get the Tate Pack series. Thank you for the giveaway.

    1. I hope you enjoy it, Chelle, it looks like a great story. Good luck in the giveaway and thanks for visiting!

    2. Thanks Shorty! I hope you enjoy The Beginning and fingers crossed for you to win! Make sure you check out The Purple Fantasy Den on Monday, I'll announce the winners then.

  4. Haven't read this series yet, must correct this. Thanks for the chance to win.

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  6. OMG I can't wait for this book to come out. I read the first one and I loved it.

    1. It looks like it will be a great addition to the series, doesn't it? Thanks for visiting, Felicia!

  7. This looks as good as The Beginning. Secondary characters? Buck and Percy from the Alpha King. But also Aiden from Amber Kell's Banded Brothers series, his story was worth waiting for.

    1. Don't you love it when you get the stories you were looking for and they were just as wonderful as you had hoped? Thanks for visiting, Elayne!

  8. Oh man Vic you just love to torture me I swear! This sounds awesome I can't wait to see these two characters develop and hear more about how the media is representing this revelation that they are not they only inhabitants on this planet.

    Reading author's opinions on how humans would react to different wide scale disasters or revelations like this one is just fascinating to me. You insight into the human condition is always entertaining and thought provoking can't wait to read Benjamin's story when it comes out!

    Thanks for posting this and good luck with sales Vic!

    1. I agree that it is fascinating to see authors' takes on events that would have a major impact on society. Thanks for visiting, mommakleen!

  9. Thanks for the blog tour, it's been great! I'm a huge fan of series books and currently have a long list of series I'm following. One of my favorites is JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood with each of the installments immensely satisfying!

    1. That is a pretty fascinating series. I am also really fond of Thea Harrison's Elder Races series and always look forward to reading about the various beings that people that one. Thanks for visiting, Jody!