Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Unrestrained by Joey Hill (ADULT title)


Be warned, this is a VERY ADULT title, but well worth reading.

Unrestrained by Joey Hill is the fantastic BDSM story that follows a widow who has lost her husband and her way. Successful by the yardstick of financial security, Athena Summers still mourns the loss of the life-partner who she was an excellent Domme for and she has not found a way to comfortably re-integrate into the BDSM environment of Club Release. Dale Rousseau is an incredibly forceful Master who is drawn to the widow who he instinctively knows is fighting her deeply hidden submissive tendencies. They each have handicaps that they are hiding and even though they connect in a primal fashion during their mutually agreed upon BDSM sessions, neither is quite ready to entrust their vulnerability to the other until they accept that they lack something in their lives that the other can provide.

Wow. There are some stories that just weave a hypnotic spell which enthralls me so much that I rush to reach the end and then immediately want to read them again to focus on pivotal scenes. This is definitely one of those stories. This author has a remarkable ability to depict the admittedly edgy erotic scenes inherent in a relationship that involves the deep trust necessary in a power exchange between a Dominant and a submissive but what sets her apart is her ability to create an incredible depth to her stories. Each of the participants in this particular relationship has had intensely emotional upheavals in life and has developed coping mechanisms that facilitate a relatively satisfying existence although not necessarily a happy life. The intense catharsis that is facilitated by their use of impact play and bondage is interspersed with a gradual integration into each other’s life outside of these boundaries. The strong characters of both Dale and Athena is detailed through their interactions with others and the joy they find in such diverse activities as rehabilitating dogs or working with underprivileged boys and it was wonderful to see the dignity that is  afforded by their compassionate actions. An impressive addition to a body of work that already includes some very remarkable stories, if you are already a fan, this will reinforce your admiration of this author’s abilities to create a striking story. If you are new to her works, this will undoubtedly prompt you to look for her other amazing series that include memorable paranormal characters or contemporary situations...enjoy!

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I received a copy of this title in return for an honest review.


  1. Oh goodness I love Joey Hill. Her books are so hot.

    1. They are definitely intense (and eyebrow-raising sometimes, lol) but wow, she can create some amazing characters and situations. I love her books!