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Cat's Lair by Christine Feehan (Review) ADULT title

ADULT title

5 out of 5 stars

Cat's Lair by Christine Feehan is part of the ‘Leopard’ series and features Catarina (Cat) Benoit, who has made a life of sorts while she is in hiding. She works hard at learning self-defense techniques and at being self-effacing but she runs into a male who refuses to allow her to remain in the shadows. Ridley Cromer has only recently joined the dojo where Cat trains, but he manages to disrupt her life in more ways than one and his betrayal is almost too much for her to bear. Cat fears that she will be unable to get past this devastating obstacle, but a male leopard shapeshifter named Eli Perez insists on introducing her to a world that she is frighteningly unschooled in, whether she wants it or not. Cat has always had an intense desire to survive, but Eli makes her begin to believe that she can reach for more in her life, if she can escape the evils that pursue her from her past. But can she?

This impressive paranormal tale is a delicious combination of intense shapeshifter dynamics, action, and romance. Watching Cat’s journey to shed the persona imposed upon her by her horrific past, her ability to recover from betrayal after finally finding a way to trust someone, and her growth and intense determination to live up to her full potential, is inspiring and enthralling. The males in Cat’s life are larger-than-life, and the evil that stalks her is so horrific, one shudders at the descriptions and is amazed that she can remain a determined and brave individual. I have not read the other books in this series, yet had no trouble reading this particular one as a stand-alone, and I have become anxious to read about the other leopard-shifters featured, especially the pair who have cameos in this book. There were a couple of elements that I didn’t think were quite explained to my satisfaction but this did not detract from my overall appreciation of the story. I love to read paranormal romance and this book epitomizes all of the elements that make it such an enjoyable genre for me and I look forward to reading other titles by this talented author.

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