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Siren's Call by Jayne Castle (review)

4.75 out of 5 stars

Siren's Call by Jayne Castle is part of the ‘Rainshadow’ series that features those with extraordinary psychic abilities and their enigmatic dust bunny companions. Ella Morgan comes from a very talented musical family but very few know she is that rare being, a Siren, whose very voice can be used as an instrument for manipulation of psychic energies. She opens her own dream counseling service but is struggling until a dust bunny she names Lorelei comes into her life. Even greater changes are prompted by her interaction with Rafe Coppersmith, who eventually hires her to deal with dinosaurs on Rainshadow that were altered by Aliens. Unfortunately, dinosaurs are not the only danger to be faced, and Ella and Rafe must race against time to solve the mystery threatening them before their lives are destroyed.

This exciting addition to one of my favorite paranormal series grabs your attention and doesn’t let go as it takes you on a thrill ride that ratchets up with each increasingly fantastical occurrence and ends with a wonderful sense of coming full circle. I love the great start to the story, as someone actually takes seriously the (usually rhetorical) wedding question about whether anyone knows of a reason the ritual should not take place.
One of my favorite things about this author’s works is her ability to make the impossible believable using larger-than-life characters who have a mesmerizing intensity and a sense of self-deprecating humor to leaven all of that energy. Add in those beloved characters who threaten to steal the spotlight, in this case a dust bunny named Lorelei, and the reader is in for a singular treat that will keep one enthralled for hours. I think that it may be difficult to read this book as a stand-alone if one is new to the universe that features such remarkable examples of psychic ability but it probably would be entertaining to anyone who keeps an open mind.

I enjoy visiting the different eras and locales characteristic of each facet of Ms. Krentz’s (or her alter-egos, Ms. Castle’s or Ms. Quick’s, lol) masterful series and psychic phenomena has always fascinated me, so I am always thrilled when a new book is added to the collection, but this particular story resonated with me even more than usual. The wry asides (e.g. as Ella savors her first paying, albeit non-human, customer), quirky characteristics (yay for powdered sugar donuts), mysteries of the Aliens (wow, dinosaurs!), and delicious heat between Ella and Rafe combine to make this a fantastic adventure and I look forward to reading about more charismatic couples who combine to form unbeatable partnerships that utilize both their brains and their psychic talents!

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