Friday, November 30, 2012

Master Class, Adult title

Please continue reading only if you are an adult.

Master Class
by Cassandra Carr is the delightfully spicy erotic novella that chronicles the journey of Ryan Tomasi as he explores his Dominant nature, mentored by his friends Jack and Callie.  Ryan is new to the world of BDSM but he has been carefully researching various aspects of the lifestyle and is cautiously willing to explore some of its facets with the alluring sub, Lisette.  Both Ryan and Lisette have issues with previous partners to overcome but her desire to submit coincides with his inclinations to be her Dom.  They have to decide how far to push their respective limits and whether they are truly suited or if a few scenes at the BDSM club will be all that they share.

This intriguing story was a fascinating depiction of the give and take of a Dominant/submissive relationship.  The safeguards and care displayed by those who responsibly engage in this lifestyle are vividly described in an enchanting tale which is both sensual and romantic.  I enjoyed the author’s ability to describe two wounded souls who are able to explore their carnal natures and learn to heal even as they find satisfaction in each other’s need for a kinky side to their relationship.  This is the first work that I have read by this talented author but I am definitely looking forward to reading more of her enjoyable tales.

It is my understanding that this novella will be released in early December!

A copy of this work was provided to me in return for an honest review.

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