Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

Just wanted to stop and say how much I appreciate those who have served or are serving, both in active duty or by supporting those who are.  It is difficult for those of us remaining safe in our homes to conceive the kind of horror and stress that these brave souls endure daily and I know that I am inadequate at expressing my true gratitude and empathy for them.  There are many great authors who give us a glimpse of the lives of those who serve in the military but it is impossible to know what life in the warzone is truly like unless you have experienced it yourself.  I am always shy about greeting strangers in uniform so I try to show my support through agencies like Soldier's Angels, and Operation Paperback but there are countless organizations such as the Wounded Warrior Project which need support as well.  Those who are able to send letters or Christmas cards may wish to contact Kim at the SOS Aloha blog for addresses to use to brighten some soldier's day with a note or a card.

Some of my many favorite military romance authors are:

Suzanne Brockmann (Troubleshooters series), Mary Margaret Daughtridge, Jessica Scott, Tanya Huff (sci-fi Valor series), Linnea Sinclair (actually sci-fi romance but still a military theme), M.L. Buchman, and many, many more....and don't forget that Anne Elizabeth's delightful new book, A Seal at Heart will be released the first week of December!



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