Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mortal Ties and even more contests and freebies (updated 11/17/12)

Mortal Ties          
by Eileen Wilks is one of my favorite shifter series.  I like the fact that not only is there the requisite 'Romeo and Juliet' romance...between a wolf shifter and a human but that the heroine is from a relatively non-traditional race (Asian) and brings her own set of prejudices and 'baggage' to the mix, including a very rigidly traditional mother and a VERY unconventional grandmother (it's not every day that a girl has such an impressive backup to call in an emergency...but when that someone is comfortable scolding a!).  I love strong heroines who do their own share of kicking butt so the fact that Lily is an FBI agent is very gratifying to me and I love the way she constantly makes that adorably annoying overprotective male in her life remember that she is competent and self-sufficient.  Finally, I love tigers...they are one of my very favorite I am always thrilled when this one shows up (although the reminder that it is a carnivore necessarily means that there will be blood!).

My Amazon review is at this link.

I have been relatively busy lately so I am not keeping up with all of the contests that I normally peek at but there are a couple in addition to the ones I talked about during this post.

The Romance Reviews is having a Year End Splash (YES) party at this link.  There are always plenty of prizes available.

Kendall Grey has a contest to advertise the upcoming release of the final novel in her fascinating paranormal series, the Just Breathe trilogy (the profits benefit whale research) at this link.

Author C.J.  England evidently went on a fantastic vacation and wanted to share in the good things.  The contest is almost over but it's fun to look at the entries.  Start at this link.

The Romance Studio (TRS) is having a Thanksgiving party at this link.  There are tons of giveaways and is open until 11/20/12!

and don't forget (which I had, drats!)  Pocket After Dark provides a couple of free reads every month at this link.  At this particular time they are featuring Alison Pang's Sliver of Shadow (which I am embarrassed to admit is on my teetering TBR pile) and Jane Feather's A Wedding Wager



Good luck and happy browsing!


  1. I've been busy as all get out entering contests and giveaways too.

  2. I keep forgetting to visit some because I am up to my ears in reviews!