Friday, November 23, 2012

Untamed Journey and an interesting animal book

Untamed Journey    

by Eden Carson introduces a new author who fearlessly undertakes to give the reader a glimpse of life in the semi-tamed west of the United States.  There are descriptions of many practices that we would never tolerate in today's world (thank goodness) but also a nicely conjured atmosphere of the camaraderie and fellowship that was so essential to the pioneering spirit and survival in an literally untamed environment. This debut novel introduces a delightful new author who has penned a lovely read.
My Amazon review is at this link.

Also, during my many wanderings I came across an interesting collection of animal pictures from the book More Than Human by Lewis Blackwell and photographed by Tim Flach 

at this link.  Naturally, I love the tiger/water picture the best as this is my favorite cat but the rest were impressive as well!

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