Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ruined by Moonlight

Ruined by Moonlight       

by Emma Wildes is part of her 'Whispers of Scandal' series and is a delightful combination of sensual historical romance and mystery.  I enjoy this author's facility for presenting two different love stories in each of her novels, often featuring rather unconventional lovers.  The implication that, after six months of marriage, there is no real communication between the two people who occupy their own little worlds, is a saddening reflection of many relationships.  This is contrasted with the tale of a couple who have never even met yet are thrust into enforced proximity.  The ending is a little surprising and dangles bait for additional stories in the series but I enjoyed the lush romance and mystery that permeated this wonderful story.  My Amazon review is at this link.

(and for those of you who like entering contests...make sure you look a my previous post...there are quite a few with giveaways for stories!).

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