Saturday, March 30, 2013

A fun contest (or two)

There is a fun feature starting on Lisa Renee Jones' blog on April 1, 2013 that was the brainchild of the inventive cook Rae.  She has gathered a collection of recipes that are fun and easy and even better, there is a contest...if you leave a comment AND if you tell them that The Reading Addict blog sent you, if you win I will too!  Please browse there throughout April at this link (and I will try to remind readers to return at various times throughout the month!).  Kudos to Rae for this fun and delicious addition to Lisa's blog.


The contest is to remind you about Lisa's delicious Inside Out trilogy which began with the suspenseful and erotic, If I Were You.  My Night Owl review is at this link.  Be warned, this title ends in a cliffhanger...but Lisa has found a way to keep you occupied while waiting for the next title to release (Being Me is due to be released in June 2013) and is doling out journal entries from the woman at the foundation of the search described in If I Were You.  The exquisite covers on the series, Rebecca's Lost Journals, remind you of the sensual nature of these vignettes and they add to the mystery surrounding this suspenseful description of a pair of women and the charismatic and dominant men they become involved with.  My Amazon review for Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 1:  The Seduction is at this link.  The next novella in the series is Rebecca's Lost Journals, Volume 2:  The Contract and my Amazon review is at this linkRebecca's Lost Jourmals, Volume 3:  His Submissive is being released in April and the fourth volume will be out in May!



Ok...back to the contests...don't forget to visit Lisa Renee Jones' blog starting April 1 at this link and leave comments (and PLEASE mention that you were sent there by The Reading Addict) and we will keep our fingers crossed, lol.  Enter now in the If I Were You contest at this link.

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