Thursday, March 14, 2013

Shadows Before the Sun and another resource for romance readers

“Shadows Before the Sun”     

by Kelly Gay continues the ‘Charlie Madigan’ series which features the feisty heroine who has Charbydon genes and is linked to one of the First Ones who were the precursors of the human race.  Her partner is still missing and she is determined to follow him to the siren city of Fiallan and find out what his true fate was.  Her allies include the Jinn who is occupying her ex-husband’s body and the arrogant oracle Sandra but nobody can prepare her for what she discovers among the home of the sirens.  An epic battle is destined to be fought again but few rational beings would even contemplate fighting Death itself but Charlie has never let a little thing like logic deter her from taking on a seemingly impossible fight.  Fortunately, she may have a weapon or two up her sleeve.

A gritty urban fantasy that continues to combine the modern world and a fantastical alternate universe peopled by remarkable beings which operate according to their own often horrific rules.  The intriguing concepts of interdimensional travel, a self-cleaning floor, and an entire race of beings who can control one with just their voices give this tale a unique twist.

Romance Books '4' Us is a fun website (and also has a nice contest every month) and it is holding a membership drive.  The site itself is at this link
(I forget how it's supposed to work but it would be great if you mentioned that I referred you if you join...there is a contest for new members as well as those doing the referral).  Even if you don't want to join, go to the site and enter the contest and wander around the author pages (and the model pages if you want to look at some eye candy, lol) at this link.

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