Friday, March 29, 2013

Changes, A simple craft and Happy Easter!

I am nose-deep in edits (although I am nearing the final pass for two of them, yay) so I may not catch up on reviews for a few days.  I did enjoy Uncommon Pleasure by Anne Calhoun (unlike many other reviewers) and For the Love of a Soldier by Victoria Morgan and I look forward to sharing my opinions about those with you next week...but not until I end my dry spell with my word games (Words by Post)!  I am very sorry to hear that Words With Friends is moving to Facebook only...I stopped playing it quite so much because I was irked by the wimps who would abruptly quit in the middle of the games!  I am not so obsessed with my rating as some of the players but I do like to finish the games even if I am losing badly, lol. 


I also am dismayed by the news that Amazon has acquired Goodreads as I think there was a function for each and I am not thrilled by the ability of meanies to bring down reviewer's ratings just by voting against them for no reason.  I always am suspicious of the coalescing of large organizations and I suspect that this will be a change for the worse.



I was fascinated by this relatively simple way to make a decoration for one's wall.  It involves something that is probably found in every home (I hope, lol) that can be changed from something to fill up the recycle bin into an item of beauty that can be personalized to every color preference.  Please see this link (and look around, there are lots of great ideas on this site)

Finally, to all who celebrate, HAPPY EASTER!  I am still sad that Lifesaver Jelly Beans no longer carry the pineapple flavor but there are still plenty of ways to give my dentist fits since I refuse to eat sugar-free candy.  I hope everyone has a great day!


  1. I heard about goodreads but since I really don't use that site all that much it really doesn't affect me.

    I tried plying words with friends on fb but it's not compatible with my browser..Opera.

  2. Sorry it doesn't load for you, it's one of my favorite games (although I admit that I have gotten off the track and play a lot of Gems with Friends, lol). I have been on Goodreads for quite some time and I am sad that it is going to change.