Monday, March 25, 2013

Tumbling Blindly (Adult title)

Tumbling Blindly    

is an ADULT m/m erotica novella by Sue Brown that is the first book in 'The Arches' series.  This lovely quick read introduces Matthew (Matt) Collins who is devastated when his lover cruelly dumps him for another man.  PC Gabriel (Gabe) West is one of the men who investigates Matt's condition at the instigation of a neighbor.  Matt is startled to encounter the sexy policeman at the Arches, a gym for gay men that both of them patronize, but he is even more astounded to discover that Gabe is interested in getting to know him better.  The reappearance of Matt's ex-lover threatens to derail the relationship before it begins but not if Gabe has anything to say about it.

This entertaining and sizzling story is a delicious read that provides a nice flavor of a different country.  I enjoyed the description of the hunky policeman (and the reminder of the importance of not judging by appearances, given his silver hair) and the sweet way the romance between the two main characters unfolds and what a yummy cover although I think they got the haircolor wrong (this from a person who doesn't normally pay much attention to covers for just that reason, lol).  I look forward to reading more titles in this series and I am delighted to have won this particular novella as it is the first work I have read by this author.


  1. Sounds like a good read. I have been liking more m/m stories lately.

  2. I have been expanding my horizons (and knowledge base, lol) in the past year and have found some authors that I really like.