Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Give in to Me (Adult title) and musings about ice cream flavors

Give in to Me   

is an ADULT title by Lacey Alexander and continues the 'H.O.T. Cops' series that includes Bad Girl by Night and Party of Three.  The policemen in this series are undeniably sizzling but somehow I just don't appreciate this series as much as I adore the other works by this talented author.  I don't remember reading the first of the series but I was pretty disappointed by the second one and I was a little startled to realize that the hero of Give in to Me figured prominently in that book and I was really disturbed by the menage that gave the book its title.  Viewing the event from the perspective of Rogan Wolfe makes him a little less of a jerk but I still was not comfortable with the events in that book.  Now we have Rogan in an entirely different city and state, interacting with a very different woman who is very erratic about her responses and can't seem to accept and own her desires but rather wants to be forced to participate.  This is disturbing to me because I think that it would be difficult to establish when 'no means no' and can lead to very scary consequences.  Yes, I know that this is a book but my enjoyment of these stories relies on whether I am engaged in the story and whether the characters' actions ring true for me.  Unfortunately, I didn't think that Rogan's use of his nightstick was at all erotic (or sanitary, lol) and I felt that the story ended a little too abruptly but I can't deny that there is plenty of heat in this story.  My Amazon review is at this link.


One of the benefits of celebrating one's birthday is all of the coupons one is entitled to.  We have an ice cream chain called Coldstone's which offers a buy one get one free deal for quite a few things (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and one of their claims to fame is the addition of interesting things to a base ice cream flavor.  I decided to try mint ice cream with white chocolate chips because I am not terribly fond of the chocolate pieces that they use.  Hmm...I think I will try something else next time.  I like mint ice cream and I like white chocolate.  I don't like them together.  This was the combination I tried with my husband's coupon, I had caramel ice cream with pecan praline pieces for my own coupon...that one was pretty good but I think I should have stayed with the sweet cream flavor.  Oh well, I have a year to plan my next combination, lol.


  1. Is it your birthday? Happy Birthday!

  2. was a couple of weeks ago but we are still finishing up on the coupons, lol. Because we are a week apart, we have about 3 weeks to play with.