Friday, March 1, 2013

Come to the Writerspace Chat!

A New Releases Chat will be held Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at 6:00 PST at this link!

Careful...rant to follow...just skip to the end if you want to know some of the authors who hopefully will be at this chat.

I am sometimes disappointed by the advertising for the chats on this site because it took me awhile to understand that ... 'invited to chat' is NOT the same thing as actually being present at the chat!  It seems to me that when we as readers are making it a point to scramble and take the time to show up for a chat, the authors should actually appear.  After all, despite the fact that those of us in the audience tend to see each other around and enjoy a chance to catch up on what is going on in our respective worlds...we are there to chat with the AUTHORS!  There have been several chats that I have attended where no author showed up and once when I asked one author who I see there only rarely whether she was going to be at a chat, she defensively said that there were only so many hours and she was determined to have family time that this would interfere with and she couldn't speak for the others in her group.  I completely understand that...but if there is a regular spot for a particular group one day out of  EVERY MONTH and there are 4 or 5 authors in that group, I think it behooves them to arrange for at least ONE of them to show up...otherwise, perhaps they should give up that spot.  They are not alone in this and I understand that authors have lives and get immersed in their writing and have plenty of responsibilities but it just seems a little disrespectful to me when no authors show up.  I realize that it probably would help if they are reminded ahead of time but I see a vicious cycle spiraling downward...fewer readers come to the chat because authors don't show up and authors don't want to come because there aren't many readers...hopefully this will change this year!

Ok...barring unforeseen complications the following authors have said they will attend:

Randi Alexander

Tara Lain


Duffy Brown


That should be an interesting mixture of genres....cowboy erotic romance, m/m romance and cozy mystery.  There will hopefully be other authors as well.  Come by and chat, learn about new books and maybe win an e-book!
IF the chat is on protocol, please remember to type a question mark (?) and wait to be called on before asking your question.  Usually I start typing my question but don't hit the send (or return key) until I am called upon.  Please be patient, some of us type relatively slowly and it can get pretty hectic if several people ask questions at once.

Hope to see you there!

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