Saturday, March 23, 2013

Heart of Danger (adult title)

Heart of Danger is an ADULT title    

by Lisa Marie Rice which is the beginning of the 'Ghost Ops' series and features a very special unit of men who have been betrayed by those who they should have been able to depend on.  This author is expert at creating very driven men who combine a lethal expertise with an intense loyalty to those who are important in their lives.  The brilliant heroine finds a way to turn the lives of these men upside down when she forces her way into their protective enclave.  The searing heat between her and the main character is something that this author excels at describing and the heartpounding action that accompanies the story makes it an exciting read.  I love the variety of characters that we get glimpses of and am fascinated by the descriptions of the hidden world that these wrongly accused warriors have created for themselves where they work as a unit to counteract the ugliness that most of them have experienced.  The paranormal elements just enhance the story for me and that combination of intense action, sizzling romance and the mystery of the capabilities of the mind make this my kind of story.  One of my favorite descriptions of an author can be found at this link, it provides a great thumbnail description of an ideal person...who it would be hard to live up to (make sure you read it to the very end)...and gives a wonderful insight into this talented person's quirky personality.  My Amazon review is at this link.

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