Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wicked All the Way and One Dom to Love (adult titles)

Please continue reading only if you are an ADULT

Wicked All the Way       

by Shayla Black is a delightful novella which revisits her 'Wicked Lovers' series but focuses on a different generation, i.e. Caleb Edgington and Carlotta Buckley, whose children have found love and passion with each other.  Caleb has nobly refrained from pressuring Carlotta who is living vicariously through her daughter but not looking for her own happiness.  A delightful read.  My Amazon review is at this link.

One Dom to Love        
is an erotic title by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob and Isabella LaPearl.  It is filled with very sensual scenes centered around the BDSM lifestyle and features an intense tug of war between two very opinionated Doms over a submissive who has been part of their lives on a different level for several years.  This story is undeniably spicy but made me uncomfortable and I wasn't thrilled about the actions of either male, but particularly disliked the description of the physical marking performed on the heroine and her unquestioned embracing of all of the acts perpetrated on her.  I am normally a very big fan of this author but this particular tale just wasn't to my taste and I thought the heroine was too erratic in her behavior, flipping between outright defiance and malleability and I found certain scenes to be a little hard to believe in terms of the degree of discomfort which was acceptable (or blithely ignored).  My Goodreads review is at this link.

Mini-rant...you have been warned....

Ok...I have been REALLY swamped lately (4 edits, about 650 pages!) and I also have 5 reviews that are due today but they were all yummy reads so it won't be as hard to write up as it is when I don't like them.  I've also read a couple of titles recently that I was really disappointed in because of the number of errors in them and I am disappointed in the lack of editing that they display.  I think that if publishers expect us to pay our hard-earned money for these works...they should make sure that a polished product is released.  I'm fortunate because these titles were either won by me or offered to me for review so I didn't spend anything on them but I still am disappointed that they are being offered to unsuspecting readers.  I hope that all of you who are noticing an excess of typos or editing errors take the time to either send a polite note to the publisher or the author because I think that the standards are steadily eroding because not enough people complain.  I admit that I am human and undoubtedly leave errors behind when I proofread and edit but I think that we still should all strive to improve and when our mistakes are pointed out to us, it makes us more aware.  My unsolicited opinion for the day, lol.


  1. I still haven't read one of Shayla's books, but it's on my to do list. I've heard nothing but good things about the books.

    I tend to agree with you on the errors in books. I don't see them as much in print books as I did in ebooks, which is just one reason I don't read ebooks much. If I make a mistake while writing and it happens all the time, I don't mind if someone points it out to me.

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  3. She also writes as Shelley Stevens? How in the world did I not know that? lol I love her books. See now that's why I really dislike pen names and authors writing as other names..I can't keep them all straight and end up not knowing who in the heck I am reading and I know I'm not the only one.

    1. Sorry, Mary....my brain is mush. I misspoke (see...that pesky typo thing)...it's Shelly Bradley NOT Shelly Stevens. My apologies!

      Shayla has the 'Wicked Lover' series, the 'Doomsday Brethren' series, the 'Masters of Menage' series...all of which I enjoy greatly and she has also written as Shelley Bradley and I thought those were great fun. She's also cowritten other fantastic erotica novels. Sorry for the confusion!

  4. Ah, ok. lol I went looking and couldn't find anything about her being Shelly Stevens so I came back here thinking I read it wrong. lol Thanks for clearing that up for me.