Monday, May 13, 2013

An excerpt from JC Daniels/Shiloh Walker's Broken Blade

Something to torture those of us who are anxiously awaiting the next book in the mesmerizing paranormal Kit Colbana series.  If you haven't read the first two in the series, Blade Song and Night Blade, please get your copy and catch up...but keep a tissue or two handy, this author does NOT treat her heroines lightly!  Broken Blade  will not be released until next year (sigh) but the cover was recently revealed and below is an excerpt to make you wish this talented author would clone herself so that we can get the book in our impatient hands even quicker!



My review of Blade Song is at this link and for Night Blade at this link.

And excerpt from Broken Blade

I knew the weight of a weapon in my hand.

Even at sixteen, broken, battered and bloodied. I knew what it was to hold a weapon and realize that I had to fight or be destroyed.

Those last moments were nothing but a blur, but it was a blur of silver and
blade and blood.

I left the guards dead in the snow, taking their packs and fleeing into the
night, certain my grandmother would seek me out. And all the while as I ran, the blade had whispered to me. I am here now. I am here…

Reaching out, I touched her hilt and drew her from the sheath and stared at the gleaming, liquid length of silver.

"You're not here now."

If ever there had been a time when I needed her, it had been when I was trapped up on that mountain. Broken, desperate.

But she hadn't answered my call.

And she couldn't come to my hand now, either.

Stroking my fingers down the blade, I closed my eyes…and wished.

Then I turned back to my weapons trunk and went about getting myself ready.

Just what did you take to the party when you were dealing with some ancient, psychotic evil who unleashed holy hell just for the fun of it?


Kit Colbana: assassin, thief, investigator extraordinaire. Now broken. She
always expected her past to catch up with her but never like this. Haunted by nightmares and stripped of her identity, she's retreated to Wolf Haven, the no-man's land where she found refuge years before. But while she might want to hide away from the rest of the world, the rest of the world isn't taking the hint.

Dragged kicking and screaming back into life, Kit is thrust head-first into an investigation surrounding the theft of an ancient relic…one that she wants nothing to do with. Her instincts tell her it's a bad idea to just leave the relic lying about, but finding it might be just as bad.

Forced to face her nightmares, she uncovers hidden strength and comes face to face with one of the world's original monsters.

If she survives the job, she won't be the same…and neither will those closest to her.

Releases January 2014

Please see this link for a brief interview of JC Daniels (and her other personality Shiloh Walker)


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