Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Star Trek, TNG, On Board the Enterprise

Star Trek: The Next Generation, On Board the U.S.S. Enterprise   

by Denise and Michael Okuda is a beautifully illustrated book and accompanying CD-ROM that provides a very detailed tour of the iconic starship featured in so many movies, books and television series.  The familiar characters featured in The Next Generation are sprinkled throughout the book which offers closer views of items such as a communicator, tricorder and a phaser and one can use the CD-ROM to travel throughout various areas of the ship such as the bridge, sickbay, a turbolift and other areas familiar to fans of the series.  There are a couple of fold-out pages that give an impressive overview of the exterior of the famous ship.

A book that will appeal to fans of the popular spin-off of the original Star Trek series, whether they call themselves Trekkies or Trekkers or just fans.  The CD-ROM is fun to play with (although as a video game player I thought it would have been nice to have little games in the various areas or perhaps some voiceovers) because one can turn around or look up and down in whichever area one is visiting.   This book reminds me of a self-guided museum tour that will entertain a fan of the series but probably will not be sufficiently detailed for the diehard aficionado.  There are nice pictures of scenes from some of the most popular episodes of Star Trek:  TNG and it was fun to see some of the popular characters such as Tasha Yar, Data, Geordi and Guinan.  An entertaining way to revisit a popular series.

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I received a copy of this title in return for an honest review. 

I had fun looking around the ship and this slightly oversized book has beautiful pictures that makes me want to watch some of my favorite episodes again but I do wish that it was slightly more interactive. 

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