Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The First Prophet: A Bishop Files Novel

The First Prophet                       

by Kay Hooper is the start of a series which connects to the Special Crimes Unit books and centers around extraordinary individuals who have the ability to tap into their minds.  Sarah Gallagher was involved in an accident that resulted in her being in a coma and developing unusual visions.  Her life spirals out of control when her visions start coming true and the appearance of author Tucker Mackenzie coincides with frightening events which hint at a mysterious organization that is targeting psychics.

Tucker develops a rapport with the wary woman who has reason to be nervous about the skills that she seems to possess.  As the violence escalates around them, they flee, but their path seems to be dependent on multiple outside forces and the strangers that they meet cannot be distinguished as allies or enemies and their lives depend on being able to determine the difference.

This was an interesting introduction to a new series that interconnects with the exciting books that feature Noah Bishop and his colleagues. I didn't find it quite as compelling as some of the others in the series but it may be because I have come to find the 'regulars' familiar and these characters were very new.  I did enjoy watching the relationship blossom between Sarah and Tucker but I felt like a ping-pong ball trying to figure out who were behind the scene allies and who were the true villains, especially since it has been so long since I read the other books in the series that things are a little fuzzy.  I am fascinated by the concept of being able to use the brain for far more than we are able to access currently so I always enjoy books that promote that theory.  I look forward to finding out more of the background of some of the shadowy figures who flitted in and out of the story and I suspect that Sarah may continue to expand her abilities and play a role in future stories.

I checked this book out of the library...and have several more on that particular pile that I keep renewing as I try frantically to catch up...but I suspect that is going to be a futile exercise, no matter how much I regret wasting my opportunity.  I am looking forward to getting to read Lover at Last by J.R. Ward which I am determined to get to before it is due since I suspect I won't get it back for quite a few weeks but there are several others that I may have to admit defeat on and get back in line for, lol.  So many books...sigh....


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  1. Haven't read anything by her yet. Thanks for letting me know about her books.

    1. I have been reading her since she wrote for the Loveswept series. Some of my first favorite fantasy/paranormal and contemporary romance tales are by this prolific author who has taken up a lot of room on my 'keeper' shelves. I probably wouldn't start with this one as my first introduction to her...she has paranormal titles, contemporary romance ones, etc. I look forward to finding out what you think of her.