Thursday, May 9, 2013

Killer in Crinolines (and make sure you visit tomorrow for a special guest post by Duffy Brown!)

Killer in Crinolines          
by Duffy Brown is the second book in the 'Consignment Shop Mystery' series that features the intrepid Reagan Summerside who was introduced in the fun cozy mystery Iced Chiffon.  The book is filled with the delightful witticisms that epitomize the southern charm that couches setdowns and insults in the most polite of ways until someone suddenly snaps!  I haven't quite finished reading (although it has been a bit embarrassing when I suddenly start chuckling in the middle of the doctor's office or wherever I happen to be sitting and reading).  The author's sly humor is subtle and can be missed if you aren't paying attention (I had to read the passage about the misdelivery of a certain package to the convent several times before I realized the insult being implied).

I have enjoyed revisiting the entertaining characters who populate this fun series, including Reagan's Aunt Kiki who is always ready and willing to be a sidekick to Reagan although she insists on her essential snacks and the sexy Walker Boone, lawyer and investigator who wields a mean bat.  I have not quite finished discovering whodunnit and killed the womanizing Simon Ambrose but I am definitely enjoying the hunt although I feel my tongue (and brain) tangling as I try to pronounce names like Waynetta and work through the permutations of a pseudonym such as Pillsbury.  Another fun read and it is great to know that there is another delightful volume in the works, Pearls and Poison, which should be released in 2014!

Please be sure to look at the next post (which should be live May 10, 2013) and features the words of the wonderful author herself....AND a giveaway!  Happy reading!


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